Sweet Perfection...

7 pounds, 19.5 inches, 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 eyes & 1 nose.  August 29th at 8:33pm this bundle of joy entered the world with a full head of hair and her hand already tightly gripped around our hearts.

Meet Gianna Elizabeth - the name Gianna is Italian and means God is gracious.  This sweet baby encompasses God's grace perfectly.  If you have seen the post Maria & Joe's Maternity, then you have already seen her loving parents.  

However, it is truly a beautiful sight to see two people who have just become first time parents and the look of wonder, amazement, and love that dances across their faces when they lay eyes on their baby girl.  For me, seeing my strong, determined, outdoorsy older brother turn into mush when his daughter coos or smiles or just simply looks up at him is enough to melt my heart EVERY. time.  And to see my smart, independent, caring sister take on motherhood with full force and make it seem easy (even though I know it is far from it!)  I am so happy and proud of both of you, and could not love the sweet perfection that is my niece, Gianna, any more than I do.  <3




Did I mention that we are all big football fans?  Joe is Greenbay Packers fan, Maria is a New York Giants fan, and Gianna - well, she'll get there...  ;)