Lilies & Pearls... 30 Years Later, She's Still His Girl

30 years ago, Macintosh revealed their first computer, Bill Murray & friends taught us who to call in Ghostbusters, Transformer toys made their appearance in stores for the first time, and Kevin Bacon danced his way into our hearts in Footloose.

30 years ago, two people madly in love decided to take the next step in their relationship, got married and started a family.  Donna & Frank just celebrated that special 30th Wedding Anniversary together and even 30 years later, we can tell the love you have for each other still shines so bright.  He smirks at her corny jokes, and she occasionally lets him know he's right.  They still laugh and act silly like a couple of teenagers, smitten with each other.  

So here's to you, lovebirds, and the next 30 years.  Congratulations! xo