Rustic & Chic | Kate & Mike's Maternity

When your best friend asks you to happy hour at one of your favorite after-work restaurants, especially after a hard day at the office, you say "yes!"  And when she would normally order a fruity cocktail but opts for just water instead, you can't help but wonder the question that all women do when their girlfriends switch it up...  But instead of coming out and asking, you patiently wait for her to break the amazing news to you while you both stuff your faces on half priced appetizers.  The very first thing you do is congratulate her, and the very next is calling dibs on her maternity session.  

Kate is the first friend of our group that is pregnant, but that comes as no surprise.  She was the first friend to move out on her own, land a real job, get married, and buy her own house, and she is gracefully navigating the confusing "early 20s".  With the support of her loving husband Mike, she's even making her pregnancy look easy (even though we all know it is not).  I am so proud of you both, and know that you will take on parenthood with the same love and ambition that you always do - you got this, just breathe!  <3  (and I can't wait to meet Michael)