Warm & Fuzzies | NJ Family Portraits

I could write a hundred things about "Fall family portraits" or "Christmas wishes" or how photography is important to freeze time as it passes so quickly before our eyes (and it is!), but this time I just simply want to share.  Share portraits of my adorable nieces that make me laugh until my stomach hurts.  Share portraits of my brother & sister-in-law, loving (and making fun of) each other.  Share our evening, spent eating yummy cookies & strolling through the park.  Share some of my favorite images that I've taken yet.  

Share my life.  I love this chaotic & snuggly bunch.  <3   

Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice | NJ Lifestyle Family Portraits

I wanted to start this off by calling this post "Double Trouble" but these two little girls are bundles of joy; full of smiles, giggles and love!  It is no wonder where they get it from when you look at the love that their parents display & freely give to them.  

The wonderment & awe that children bring into everyday situations and occurrences is priceless.  They remind you about what is truly important and to enjoy the moment that you are in.  Let's all tap into that childhood innocence and spend this holiday season appreciating the small things.

(And can we talk about how cute those little jackets are?!)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a beautiful New Year!  xoxo

Set a Goal & Crush It | Stefanie's Fitness Achievement

Stefanie, mom of 2 young daughters, wanted to show her girls what being a strong woman was all about.  She wanted to show them that they can achieve any goal or dream that they put their heart & hard work to.  On September 17th, after 6 months of training in the gym and eating healthy foods, Stef competed in her first Bikini Competition as part of the ANBF Masters Nationals.  She placed 1st in Novice, 2nd in Debut, and 4th overall, all while her girls cheered her on from the audience!  She proved that women can be strong, fit & beautiful! 

This was so much more than a fitness competition. This whole journey was about accomplishing something after going through a lot. It was to show my daughters how to be a strong woman. That no matter who or what tries to knock you down you never fall. You get right back up and do the best you can with a new day. They give me strength I never thought I could have.

After that, she was hooked. Stefanie will be competing again mid-October and we know she is going to rock that stage! Good Luck, but with heart like that, you don't need luck!

Camilla Rose | NJ Lifestyle Newborn

When it comes to newborn photography, the baby really does call the shots.  Even the best laid photoshoot ideas sometimes don't always go as planned, but the magical and special part about photography, is that it can produce something even better.  When this adorable little baby gets hungry, you take the opportunity to grab some intimate snaps of the interaction.  You get to see the giggles from the other family members (big sister included) when you can get the whole family involved.  And when she has worked hard as a model all morning, newborn babygirl finally just passes out and naps wherever she is, which creates beautifully sleepy pictures.  

This is lifestyle photography; photographing life, as it unfolds in the most amazing ways.  

Camilla Rose, or "Cashew" as she has been nicknamed, was welcomed to the world on February 9th.  She is already adjusting to life in her new home, which is filled with sounds of her big sister playing and her dog barking.  She doesn't mind visits from her extended family and is becoming one of the bunch!  

Congratulations to Maria, Joe & Gianna.  <3