Steps Towards a Dream | Alexandra's NJ Portraits

What would you do to reach your goals?  How far would you go to make a dream into reality?  "What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?" - Robert H. Schuller

Four years ago, Alexandra set out from sunny California to New Jersey, in pursuit of what she knew was in her heart - ART.  More specifically, art history & museums.  She knew that being in an area so close to NY, she would have more opportunity to follow her passion and is currently in her Master's Program.  

This special lady excited me because she has a different perspective of art - a deep appreciation, understanding & knowledge towards aesthetics.  She reached out to me to assist her in building a portfolio to begin tackling a second vision she has, modeling.  So we set out to this NJ park and spent the evening talking, laughing, and a little hiking through the trails!  

Entering new territory for yourself can be scary at first, but as soon as the jitters fall away and the confidence comes out, it will shine so much brighter!  Deep breath in, slow exhale - you got this!  (This may have even inspired a new series idea!)

And look at that smile! ;)  Alexandra, best of luck in all your endeavors, I'll be cheering you on girl! 

Taking the Shore by Storm | Jimi D Music - NJ Artist Promos

Local artist Jimi DeLucci has begun his rise along the coast of New Jersey.  He started slowly last summer, building his musical library of songs with a few weekly gigs and worked throughout the winter to add even more, along with acquiring some new gear (including his sweet Hawaiian Koa wood Taylor guitar -named Sandy for her beautiful coloring).  So to celebrate the kick-off of the season, it was only fitting to snap new images featuring Sandy the guitar & Brandy(lion) the golden pup.  And with summer officially underway, he is taking over the Jersey Shore! 

I'm especially thankful for his trust in my creative vision - and for putting on his anchor shirt, its my favorite! ;)  xoxo

*(See below post for more details on his schedule!)*

You can catch the Jimi D Show weekly at various venues such as Bums Roger's Crab House (Seaside Park), Windjammer Motor Inn Patio Bar (Seaside Park), The Shore Thing Pub (Seaside Heights), and Ortley Beach Moose Lodge, as well as dates at Captain's Inn Tiki Bar (Forked River), EJ's Tap House (Seaside Heights), Crab's Claw Inn (Lavallette), Kaboodle's Ice Cream (Normandy Beach), Seaside Heights Bonfires & other locations and events being added daily! 


Rome Wasn't Built in a Day | The 5 Year Fitness Road to Warrior

This winter marks 5 years since Jimi joined the gym and began going consistently every day. The progress is slow when you're building, but becomes addicting & motivating when you start seeing results.  He envisioned small tweaks to his physique and with hard work, they manifested!  

He got there naturally by lifting every day, following an active & healthy lifestyle, and eating in moderation.  Both friends and fellow gym go-ers have turned to him for advice, strategies, questions on form, and inspiration (myself included!)

Once he decided to document his amazing progress, he really got to grinding & dedicating with a strict meal plan and workout regimen (provided by trainer Christa).  Here are the results of his 5 years - full Spartan!

(Girlfriend edit : Oh my, stud muffin! ;)  As his workout partner for the last year and half, it's easy to see how he keeps me motivated too!)

Umm...Magic Mike?   Sorry ladies, he's taken! ;)

Stick Shift & Stilettos | Alyssa's Turbo

When Alyssa told me she wanted to do a photoshoot with her new Turbocharged car, I was excited for the opportunity for two reasons.

1. One of the coolest parts about being a photographer is bringing people's visions to life and translating their ideas into lasting photographs.  I LOVE when clients have fun & creative projects that they bring to me, and we get to work together on it!  (And I knew it would be FUN!)  

2. There seems to be a theme among some of my female clients... they are BAD-A** and breaking out of typical "gender roles" to pursue their true selves!  From lifting weights to getting dirty under the hood of a car, these girls are a perfect balance of strong, fierce, authentic & feminine!  Keep it up ladies, you're setting great examples!

Here are my favorites from Alyssa's smokin' shoot when we took to the streets of Asbury Park with her Turbo Ford Fiesta.  (She maintains & cleans her car - even mid shoot ;) )


Set a Goal & Crush It | Stefanie's Fitness Achievement

Stefanie, mom of 2 young daughters, wanted to show her girls what being a strong woman was all about.  She wanted to show them that they can achieve any goal or dream that they put their heart & hard work to.  On September 17th, after 6 months of training in the gym and eating healthy foods, Stef competed in her first Bikini Competition as part of the ANBF Masters Nationals.  She placed 1st in Novice, 2nd in Debut, and 4th overall, all while her girls cheered her on from the audience!  She proved that women can be strong, fit & beautiful! 

This was so much more than a fitness competition. This whole journey was about accomplishing something after going through a lot. It was to show my daughters how to be a strong woman. That no matter who or what tries to knock you down you never fall. You get right back up and do the best you can with a new day. They give me strength I never thought I could have.

After that, she was hooked. Stefanie will be competing again mid-October and we know she is going to rock that stage! Good Luck, but with heart like that, you don't need luck!