Warm & Fuzzies | NJ Family Portraits

I could write a hundred things about "Fall family portraits" or "Christmas wishes" or how photography is important to freeze time as it passes so quickly before our eyes (and it is!), but this time I just simply want to share.  Share portraits of my adorable nieces that make me laugh until my stomach hurts.  Share portraits of my brother & sister-in-law, loving (and making fun of) each other.  Share our evening, spent eating yummy cookies & strolling through the park.  Share some of my favorite images that I've taken yet.  

Share my life.  I love this chaotic & snuggly bunch.  <3   

Cape May(er) | NJ Lifestyle Family Portrait Session

This beautiful (& energetic) bunch is the Mayer family!  During their Memorial Week vacation to South Jersey, I had the pleasure of photographing some evening family portraits at Cape May Lighthouse State Park.  Their son Eddie, who loves to play the "catch me!" game kept everyone warm & moving on the chilly May night (and even allowed us the chance to capture some overdue romantic photos of just Mom & Dad)!  Despite the unpredictable rain forecast - thanks NJ Spring weather - we stayed the course & the outcome are these intimate family moments set in front of the iconic lighthouse. :)

Thank you Amy, Ed & Eddie - and I hope the rest of your time in the area was relaxing, fun & filled with laughter and love!  xo

Fall Family Fun...and Zombies! | NJ Halloween

Every year, around late August/early September, there is something in the air that makes saying "goodbye" to summer a little easier.  For many, it is Pumpkin Spice!  For others, it is the decrease in shore traffic that allows the locals to truly enjoy the beaches, or the chill that accompanies the night as it gets deeper into October that we call "sweater weather", or the abundance of activities - both family friendly & super spooky - that kick off the "Holidays" starting with Halloween.  But the truly stunning occurrence that we experience is the transformation from healthy, green leaves to the radiant hues that keep us in awe throughout Autumn & gazing upon every vibrant tree we pass!

Enter: Matt, Kristen & Juney.  They knew they wanted to do a family session for a while but could not figure out the exact details or time of year.  When I had talked to Kristen on the phone and she told me the idea that she came up with, I was "Thrilled"!  Being a huge fan of The Walking Dead and all things zombie, I couldn't wait to bring this shoot to life - or back to life, should I say?! ;)  

In The Blink of an Eye | The Art of Capturing the "Now"

Our Earth rotates at a speed of 1,037 mph.  It takes 24 hours to complete and every day we get the pleasure of being witness to the sun rise and set.  I'm sure you've watched this beautiful occurrence once or twice, so think back to the last time that you did.  Do you remember what it looked like?  The colors that were painted in the sky?  You watch as night fades into day and before you know it, it is daylight.  Or the way that the colors burst as the sun is setting and then quickly dissipates as the grey hues of dusk spill into the night.  These natural artworks change by the second and can look completely different from minute to minute.  

This is why I love photography.  It gives you a chance to capture breathtaking scenes before they disappear.  Memories while people are still alive.  Landscapes before & after, or over the years as places develop.  Everything can change in the blink of an eye, and photography gives us a chance to hold onto history.   

These photos were taken on my way home from a different photoshoot and I just happen to be at the right place as it hit its peak.  It was a nice Autumn night and I stopped to snap these as I was driving by a lake.  They are 6 minutes apart, and completely raw images because there is no amount of editing that I can do that would make these already stunning photos any better.  It would be an insult to our gorgeous planet.   


 "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." - Ferris Bueller