Stick Shift & Stilettos | Alyssa's Turbo

When Alyssa told me she wanted to do a photoshoot with her new Turbocharged car, I was excited for the opportunity for two reasons.

1. One of the coolest parts about being a photographer is bringing people's visions to life and translating their ideas into lasting photographs.  I LOVE when clients have fun & creative projects that they bring to me, and we get to work together on it!  (And I knew it would be FUN!)  

2. There seems to be a theme among some of my female clients... they are BAD-A** and breaking out of typical "gender roles" to pursue their true selves!  From lifting weights to getting dirty under the hood of a car, these girls are a perfect balance of strong, fierce, authentic & feminine!  Keep it up ladies, you're setting great examples!

Here are my favorites from Alyssa's smokin' shoot when we took to the streets of Asbury Park with her Turbo Ford Fiesta.  (She maintains & cleans her car - even mid shoot ;) )