A little behind the scenes....

When preparing for a photoshoot, especially newborns, it is important to communicate details and expectations about the session before-hand.  This includes everything from keeping the baby warm, happy, tired & full, to being prepared for outfit changes, clean up & accidents. 

Ironically, just before Gianna's newborn session, we had joked around about the image that is circulating the internet currently of the newborn baby that was so relaxed, he relieved himself on Dad (found here).  We thought it was funny and shared stories of babies doing such things.  

Well, about an hour into the session, the same thing happened to us!  While I have been present and shooting while a newborn did this, I haven't captured it quite like this before.

Another bonus shot we got during this session was when the family dog, Gizmo, decided he wanted to be in the photo and give his new sister a few kisses mid shoot.  She is quickly getting used to him doing this ;)


Totally unexpected, yet the beautifully funny side of life. <3